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Exactly How Can You Relate to God?

My relationship with others deepens only as I choose to reveal myself.

Revelation gives birth to relationship.

While taking a walk the other day, I came across a grasshopper on the side of the road.  Interestingly enough, when I approached, it didn’t hop away.  It just sat there.  The thought occurred to step on it and go my way.  After all, what harm would befall the world with one less grasshopper in it?

Then I was reminded about how I must look compared to God.  Just as the grasshopper could never relate to me, I wonder how the One who has the power to put His foot down and squash my life could ever relate to me.

Were it not for God’s insatiable desire to reveal Himself, spiritually speaking, I would be no better than the grasshopper stuck on the side of the road.

For years my pursuit of God resembled more of a science project than a relationship.  I studied God and put Him in my own form of a spiritual petri-dish.  Through various experiments—attending Christian meetings, daily reading a certain amount of scripture, even doing one of those “if You want me to do X then allow Y to happen before the end of the day” type of prayers—I attempted to figure out God.

Eventually, I grew tired of just knowing more.

God doesn’t need me to tell Him what’s going on in my life because He created my life—He knows everything.  He doesn’t have to try to figure me out.

Yet, how can a grasshopper like me ever know God?

I’ve learned through much failure that God, and not I, controls the relationship between us.  He is in control because today, without a greater revelation of who He is, I’m stuck in yesterday’s world.  I can only know God to the extent He reveals Himself.

The greatest revelation God gave the world happened the day when the Word (Jesus) became flesh and dwelt among mankind.

The greatest revelation God gives me of Himself happens when that same Word becomes alive in my moment.

God, left to my own self-enlightenments, I can never know enough to know You.  Would You give me a greater revelation of Christ today and make Yourself known to me?

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  1. So true, so true…seems to be exactly where I am at also David. Always learning, but how do I know that the learning is really becoming something in the form of a deeper relationship? I am finding that everything I thought I knew (or more likely created about God from my own experiences) is fast becoming ruble around me as God totally destroys my foundation in a MAJOR earthquake that is taking place in my life right now…and the topic of my next post. I repeatedly am reminded that “His ways are not my ways and His thoughts are not my thoughts.” I can no longer pretend I know exactly how God would think in any given situation…but that I need to keep myself open to His Spirit telling me how He would react. Thanks for sharing!

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