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A Moment in Time with God

The other day, I caught a glimpse of my youngest son, Calvin.  I thought I was looking at me.  He does take after his dad in looks and mannerisms.  (Not to mention his ready, fire, aim temperament!)

Have you ever wondered what God thinks when He looks down at you?  Somehow, I think He sees a bit of Himself in all of us.  He has a mind, we have a mind.  He has thoughts, we have thoughts.  He makes plans, we make plans. He expresses emotion, we express emotions.  He loves, relates, and listens, and we do too (sometimes).  He looks to His right and sees Jesus, and then looks at us and sees the same.

Sometimes I wonder what God looks like, will I even recognize Him when I get to heaven?  Speaking of heaven, when it’s my time to go, what will the trip from here to there be like?  A spiritual mentor of mine once asked God this question and was told it was like closing your eyes and waking up in another reality.  A few months ago, while in South America conducting an abiding life conference, that’s exactly what he did—closed his eyes, went to sleep, and woke up in heaven. He was only fifty-nine. (I miss him).

As a boy, God seemed vague and distant, always looking down at me with a doubtful eye, ready to lower the boom should I step out of line.  I wasn’t afraid of Him, but neither did I feel close.  In fact, I didn’t feel anything.  He was God, and I was just me.

Now, older, wiser, having rolled my spiritual odometer a time or two, I feel more relaxed around God; no longer pressured to perform for His love and grace.  The relationship I have with Him that began distant and cold has now grown much warmer.

  I can look to the future with confidence, because I have a past with God.

All that we know about God fits on the end of a ball point pen.  Sometimes in our theology, we think we have Him all figured out, our spiritual arrogance getting the best of us.  There’s a vast unknown revelation of Him waiting for us in eternity.  This side of heaven, we see only glimpses; enough to move us toward Him, but not so much revelation to distract us from walking by faith.  We presently live in a spiritual womb and await our birthing into heaven.  We are in this world, but made for another.  How can we know of Him beyond what He reveals?

The logical side of Christianity robs us of the mystery of God.  Quiet-times and prayer-times, witnessing and discipleship, ministry and ministering, they all push us toward spiritual structure and organization.  A contingency plan made for everything we might need, no time remains to just stop and wonder in His wonderment, about a God who chose you and me as a mirror to reflect Himself in.  How, when His Son became the Son of Man, He became like you and me. I’ll never fully understand, but that’s okay, because He fully understands.

The mystery of God calls out to anyone willing to listen.  There’s much more to God than what you might experience of Him in your orbit.  Not all of His revelation gets revealed in the things revolving around your world.  Not every question needs an answer right now.  Not every need has to be met immediately.  In due time, all of the currently undone will get tied together.  God has His own way of sorting your life out.

This moment is more about you just letting go and getting above your current world, to a place bounded by peace, joy, contentment, and rest.

The deeper part of God calls out to the deepest part of you. 

He wants to take you to a brand new place, where a greater revelation of His Son awaits you.

Just let go and go.


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  1. I repent of my spiritual arrogance and desire to constantly analyse everything. My logical brain comes to play in analysing everything that is a mystery and I should embrasse God’s sovereignity over the mysteries.

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